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EDITORIAL: Support austerity

National Assembly
Members of the National Assembly in session. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Controller of Budget report in the first six months of the financial year to December, which shows that ministers are defying Treasury order for budget cuts on non-essential items, costing taxpayers Sh13.7 calls for tough measures to rein in public servants who fail to implement government spending policies. In National Assembly, MPs are plotting to shield the Parliament from Treasury budgetary cuts.

These two developments do not augur well with the tough times that have left Kenyans grappling with a daily struggle to meet their basic needs as high taxes weigh on their meagre resources. The government, on the other hand, is cash-strapped with a bloated public wage bill and the debt burden that has left little resources for socio-economic development.

The economy is also feeling the heat of coronavirus as the effects of the pandemic start taking shape. Depressed economic activities mean that the revenue collections are likely to plunge further, putting to doubt the Kenya Revenue Authority’s ability to meets its taxation target.

The largesse by the public servants and our political leaders flies in the face of efforts to alleviate poverty as well as pool resources to achieve the Big Four agenda, which aims to benefit Kenyans.

Legislators must step back and and support the Treasury’s budget cuts if they care for their voters’ welfare.


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