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EDITORIAL: Utilise idle equipment

A nurse attending to a patient. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Reports that theatre and radiology equipment leased to county governments for specialized healthcare are lying idle in 25 counties are quite worrying.

When the health docket was devolved to the county units after adoption of devolution, the main goal was to ensure that service delivery trickled down to the grassroots.

It is indeed quite shameful to learn that lack of basic amenities like water and electricity has hampered the project in which billions of shillings have been spent.

According to the Ministry of Health, unreliable power supply, shortage of trained personnel, inadequate anesthetists as well as space have rendered 11 theatres, 16 radiology equipment and renal unit idle despite the devolved units paying millions of shillings annually.

The onus is on those responsible for the sector to ensure that the medical kits are put to good use.


We opine that the responsible agencies should move with speed and resolve the problem. It makes no sense having such expensive equipment lying idle yet there are those who are in urgent need. It is time to end the suffering of the common citizen.

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