Every thought and action play a role in success journey


Every thought and action play a role in success journey

When someone tries to put you down, stay firm. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A king was once hunting lions in the jungles near a village in his kingdom. He had a great day and was enjoying being out there in the jungle. As it was getting dark, the villagers invited the king to stay put up in a tent that was specially made for the king and his entourage. They killed a number of goats and sheep and prepared delicious meals to honour the stay of the king in their village. The king was absolutely delighted with the hospitality of the villagers and went to bed. The villagers wanted to impress the king further and decided to whip up a delicious breakfast for the king and his court early in the morning before he left the village. So, they placed a huge goatskin container before his door and agreed that all the villagers would fill it up with milk to prepare a delicious breakfast for his royalty.

All the villagers were instructed to milk their goats and bring them to the camp and fill them into the large container that was placed near the King’s door. Given its great size, few of the villagers, who were not happy to give away their entire milk for this cause, said to themselves that they might just as well dilute their share of milk with a decently good quantity of water without anyone noticing. As expected well before dawn, all the villagers came and poured large cans of milk into the container. By morning when the milk was poured out for the king and his court it was watery and had absolutely no taste or texture. The king was disappointed with the treatment meted out to him and left immediately.

This story has been adapted from “Leo The African” by Amin Malouf and gives us great insights into how important it is for every thought and action to be aligned for success. It is very easy for your mind to be corrupted, be it by words or actions. A corrupted mind is the biggest obstacle in the path of your success.

When someone is mean to you, don’t listen: It is easy to find people who pull you down by telling you how bad you are at many things like how bad you look, how bad you talk, how bad you act and so on. It is hard to find people who appreciate you. Every single time, you come across someone who is mean to you, turn around and don’t listen, because such negativity breeds failure When someone is rude to you, walk away: It is great to have company. It is great to have people around you, but being alone is better than being in the company of those who have no intention to support you or your journey. When someone tries to put you down, stay firm: When someone tries to put you down, stand up, and push yourselves as no one else can support you through and through. It is your strength that can build you and your weakness that can fail you.

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