Ex-Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi now terms his removal as malicious

A cat and mouse game is playing out in Wajir County.

Former Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi has now claimed that his impeachment was “well-planned”, terming it a political witch-hunt.

In a televised address on Tuesday, Abdi, pointed an accusatory finger at some leaders in Wajir County who, he said, engineered his removal from office.

“I’m perturbed by the behaviour of some Wajir leaders who orchestrated an illegal swearing-in to remove a serving governor from office,” he said.

Abdi decried disobedience of court orders, given that the High Court had barred the County Assembly and the Senate from impeaching him until a petition he had filed was heard and determined.

The former governor had challenged his removal from office, a day after Senate upheld his impeachment.

“The resolution by the Senate was rendered ineffective and inapplicable. As such, anything done in pursuit to that resolution on May 17, 2021, including the swearing-in of Wajir Deputy Governor, has no effect,” he said on Tuesday.

He also quoted last week’s orders by the Meru High Court stopping the swearing-in of newly appointed Governor Muktar Ali, which stated that he (Abdi) shall continue to be in office until his petition is heard and determined.

His statement came just hours after Wajir leaders rallied behind Governor Muktar in a press conference, affirming their support.

“Governor Muktar is now firmly in office. Any order purportedly issued by the High Court blocking his assumption to office was overtaken by events,” said MP Adan Keynan.

Last week, Abdi received support from the Council of Governors, who expressed discontentment in the manner in which his impeachment was conducted.

“The Senate has failed to set standards on what amounts to gross violation of the Constitution. For example, in the Kirinyaga case, the Senate acquitted the governor charged with similar violations,” CoG Chairman Martin Wambora stated.

But even as leadership wrangles rear their ugly head in Wajir, the impeached governor says he has no resentment towards Muktar, and reaffirms that their relationship “will remain the same”.

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