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Former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando speaking to Tony Gachoka during the recording of Point Blank show. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

A political super alliance is shaping up and will be unveiled in 2020, a former MP has claimed.

Former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando said major political players in the country would come together to form the alliance, and that President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition chief Raila Odinga would be influential in the formation of the outfit.
“A political tornado is going to emerge next year; it is on its way. The handshake was not enacted in vain but for a purpose. A super alliance is coming and coming fast,” said Mr Kabando last night on KTN News’ Point Blank interview.
He said the outfit would be an important vehicle in drumming support for a referendum.  

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The chairman of the Local Authorities Provident Fund (Lapfund) board further said the top leadership brass would endorse the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, which would culminate in the expansion of the executive through a change in the country’s governance structures.
Pretentious politics
Kabando asked critics of BBI to train their guns elsewhere, saying the initiative’s report was a child of the handshake and it would ensure that issues, such as injustices and a winner-takes-all political system, are addressed.

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“If President Kenyatta and Raila endorse it, governors, Senator Gideon Moi and Isaac Ruto who represent all corners of the country also support it, and then Kenya will get its third referendum,” he said.
The BBI report, he added, will be released by the end of October before being given to the electoral agency, which will facilitate the collection of the required one million signatures.

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According to him, come February 2020, a bill will be taken to the counties for public participation. 
“By next year, it will be the beginning of the end of pretentious politics. There will be no more niceties for those politicians stretching the patience of President Kenyatta. When he comes out and speaks, the people will listen to him.”
Kabando also declared that political leaders across the country would rally behind the referendum, which “among other things seeks to expand the Executive”.
“If we don’t ensure inclusivity, we will be embedding a scenario that’s not sustainable. The Mt Kenya region will have ruled for the last 60 years by the time Uhuru finishes his term, but now that we are here and we know the feelings of the rest of the country, we must reformat our system from a winner takes all. The use of ethnic arithmetic is evil and must be stopped,” he said.
He added that come the 2022 elections, the super alliance will pave way for the fight between the proverbial dynasties and “hustler nation”.

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“One camp will comprise perpetrators and hostages and impunity against individuals that have submitted themselves to the reality that this country needs to restructure the leadership system as currently constituted,” he said.
Crack whip
Kabando also called for an overhaul of the parliamentary system of leadership over what he termed ‘’complacency and going against the wishes of President Kenyatta’’.
He questioned why the President had failed to act on leaders in his own backyard who were leading a revolt against him, saying Uhuru needed to crack the whip.
“Leaders have been captured disrespecting their party leader, but citizens, and more so the central region, respects him. There are economic challenges and some service delivery efforts are being frustrated due to the internal wrangles in the Jubilee government,” said Kabando.

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He urged the President to unapologetically tell off those marooning him, saying his advisors have failed him.

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