Film captures frustrations of women


Film captures frustrations of women

Zippy's cast of Midlife Crisis
Zippy’s cast of Midlife Crisis. PHOTO | COURTESY 

A new feature film, Midlife Crisis starring Suki Wanza, Ruth Maingi, Alison Nyawira and Kauthar Kang’ethe has an interesting real storyline that you wouldn’t want to miss.

The film directed by Zippy Okoth is a girlie film about BFFs (best friends forever). But it is one that Kenyan men shouldn’t miss either. The joy, fantasies and frustrations of these four very different women are most revealing as they expose issues that many women silently feel but don’t express openly for fear of social pressures to conform to rules and roles they don’t really fit into.

All four have similar backgrounds in that they are educated and upper middle class. Two are married, one’s divorced and one’s a ‘highflying spinster’ who is not looking for a husband. Instead, she desperately desires a baby, but has a physical condition that mitigates against that possibility. The film initially revolves around the spinster, Gigi who has called her BFFs from an IVF (In vitro fertilisation) clinic where she’s gone to find out what she can do to get a kid. Her friends decide to go to her place and comfort their friend.

But in the course of comforting Gigi, they each disclose deep, unspoken issues in their own lives that they haven’t resolved and also haven’t disclosed until then.

It’s a film full of laughter and tears we’ll have to wait for indefinitely.


Unfortunately, the film’s World Premiere, previously set for March 28 at Prestige Plaza in Nairobi, was hard hit by the coronavirus and the government ban on public gatherings including screenings of original films.

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