Fine wine: Julie Gichuru shares 30-year transformation and she hasn’t aged a bit

Julie Gichuru left her fans gasping for air after sharing a photo of herself while she was still 16 and in high school

The 46-year-old beauty proved she was aging backward and her fans kept asking for the secret behind her youthfulness,

Julie joined a challenge created by her former schoolmates called the 30-year challenge Two things are sure: the sun shining at dawn and former TV personality Julie Gichuru’s beauty.

The mother of five is 46 years old and has not aged a day in her life. She still looks like a fine young thing in her late 20s and if that is not luck then tell us what is.

The gorgeous entrepreneur and globe trotter initially left her fans in awe when she threw it back to the times she was still a law student.

This time around, the beauty decided to participate in a 30-year challenge on Instagram and shared a before and after collage of herself.

In both the photos, all that could be seen was how faithful Julie was to drinking from her magical and secret fountain of youth.

There was a three-decade difference between both of the former journalist’s photos but she still looked the same. Nay, she looked better!

Back when she was 16, the ex-Citizen TV news anchor was pretty and her smile was inviting as usual.

But at 46, the traveler showed how her bewitching beauty got better by the day and she looked like a hot fox.

Her fans were taken aback when they realized both of Julie’s photos were 30 years apart and some refused to believe she kept aging like fine wine.

The beauty’s followers reminded her that she was among the few who aged backwards and had genes that were so great and so rare.

Julie previously revealed she started focusing on a healthier diet and dedicated her time to exercise.

This was after she became leaner and developed an athletic body over a few months.

Julie also has other engagements in a farming venture.The many projects means she is busy and thus keepig fit and hence avoid the aging.

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