Finnick the Fierce out of Kentucky Derby

Finnick the Fierce had become the nation’s sweetheart, for showing so much courage with just one-eye.

Veterinarians noticed some strange movement from Finnick on their radar, synonymous with his condition, and sadly decided he must be withdrawn from the big race this evening.

Owner Doctor Arnaldo Monge says he carries himself a little funny, which does not augur well for the Kentucky Derby.

There is indication that Finnick will be admitted at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital for a total analysis, before proceeding with an already illustrious career in the Preakness or Breeders’ Cup.

Trainer Rey Hernandez also said Finnick had a bit of a cough. None of this is worth risking such a brave horse for.

The US Triple Crown has flip-flopped due to the crisis and with no spectators yet allowed at Churchill Downs, Louisville, of course it will be different.

Tiz the Law will not be aware of anything as he runs freely with Manny Franco in Sackatoga’s Stable silks of maroon and silver diamonds.

We all hope protestors do not leak anywhere near the coveted race. Barclay Tagg is only concerned that no horses are hurt.

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