Four Ugandan police officers arrested for illegally crossing Kenyan border – Nairobi News

Four Ugandan police officers are currently being detained at Busia Police Station for crossing into the country while armed.

Nairobi News has established that the four were chasing after a lorry with Ugandan registration numbers that crossed into the country.

A police source told Nairobi News that a meeting is ongoing between Busia County commissioner Jacob Narengo with the aim of having the four released.

“They are requesting that the four officers are released and allowed to go back to Uganda. The trailer has also been seized and is currently being held at the station,” our source said.

In September 2018, two Ugandan soldiers were arrested when they crossed into the country as they chased after a lorry that was ferrying fish.

The soldiers even shot at the vehicle while on Kenyan soil.

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