GoK frustrated as Kenyans give wrong contacts during Covid-19 testing – Nairobi News

The government has been left frustrated by individuals who are giving false personal details while testing for Covid-19.

Health chief administrative secretary Rashid Aman said some people were deliberately giving wrong contact details and can therefore not be traced after the tests.

Dr Aman emphasised on the importance of giving correct information to assist in contact tracing.

“We have noted a disturbing behaviour and a dangerous one at that. It pertains to persons giving false contacts during targeted testing. We have talked about this in the last two briefings and I want to reiterate that it is important to give accurate information. Because it is only through this contact tracing is possible,” Dr Aman said.

“Providing wrong information means such individuals are continuing to spread the virus to their loved ones, friends and the community.”

Dr Aman nonetheless commended Kenyans for warming up to the ongoing mass testing for Covid-19.

He said the true picture of the pandemic in the country can only be known through coming out and getting tested.

He appealed to all Kenyans to get tested.

“We have also noted that some of the people have shied from coming out for testing for fear of the treatment cost. The position of the government is clear: for the avoidance of doubt – the cost of treatment, quarantine and treatment in a government facility will be fully met by the government,” Dr Aman said.

“Any information to the contrary is false and misleading to the Kenyans and therefore I am appealing to all to come forward and be tested. We are glad, however, that the majority of people have responded to our call to come out and get tested.”

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