Governors petition senators to pass revenue bill

Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi and his Baringo counterpart Stanley Kiptis have called on the Senate to end the revenue sharing stalemate that has sharply divided the leaders.

Kiptis and Muriithi spoke on Sunday while touring parts of Muchongoi and Laikipia West at the border of the two counties and in an effort to look into issues affecting the two areas and how to end some of the issues affecting the communities around especially on security.

Also on their agenda was to solve a long dispute over a section of land along Theria river.

The duo noted that failure by the Senate to reach a consensus caused a delay in implementation of various projects in their counties. They regretted that the counties were unable to pay their workers due to lack of funds.

“They should look at the interests of the residents first. Let them be sincere with themselves and solve this matter once and for all. The counties have no funds even to cater for the health sector at this time we are struggling with Covid-19 effects” he said.

The Senate for the seventh time failed to pass the formula of revenue sharing between the devolved units. The Senate last week formed a nine-member mediation committee to look into the stalemate.

The two Governors said the standoff was uncalled for and hence challenged senators to consider the interests of Kenyans first saying county administrations were suffering as a result of the stalemate that is yet to be solved as senators’ push and pull.

Their calls come as the deadlock hit the revenue sharing formula debate to the counties after two factions in the Senate failed to agree on the membership of the technical committee.

The technical committee had been formulated to broker a truce and cobble a possible win-win formula over the impasse.

Muriithi observed that its time senators swallow their pride and consider the state of county governments especially on matters of health at this time the country was struggling to contain the spread of the dreaded coronavirus.

He said lack of financial resources was a drawback to the efforts the counties were taking to address critical issues affecting their regions.
“We have already set our goals for this financial year but we cannot achieve them without funds. The senators should fasten this process so that the country can move forward,” he noted.

On his part, Kiptis noted that Kenyans were watching on the conduct of the senate and that county administration depended on the decisions by the August House and hence challenged them to ensure they pass the Revenue sharing Bill when the house résumés on Tuesday.

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