Graft money big threat to the 2022 elections, Kalonzo warns

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has said corruptly acquired wealth threatens democracy and Kenya’s quest for free and fair elections next year.

He said signs that voters were becoming immune or unperturbed about mega graft bedeviling the nation were evident during the recent Kiambaa by-election.

“I was shocked by the slogan “My Thief My Choice” that was trending during the recent Kiambaa by-election. Some voters are worshipping corrupt leaders,” Kalonzo said yesterday in Mombasa.

He said the country was being destroyed by “utter theft” by some leaders pretending to work for the country, saying the 2022 election was a moment to “clean up graft in Kenya”.

“We have started the journey to reposition Kenya. It is not bad leadership that has crippled Kenya, it is utter theft. We should not elect leaders who have been compromised,” said the former vice president.

The Wiper leader is in the Coast to popularise his party. Yesterday, Kalonzo met Wiper Mombasa County delegates to strategise how to recapture seats in areas that have traditionally supported him.

He was accompanied by Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua and Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo. He said Wiper would field candidates in all constituencies at the Coast.

On National Super Alliance (NASA), he said the recently agreed formula of sharing the political parties fund among Wiper, ODM and Ford-K should be re-negotiated if one party feels disadvantaged.

“My colleagues from ANC, Ford Kenya and CCM had tasked me to talk to ODM leader Raila Odinga over the way the money was to be distributed. I met Raila and we even agreed to look for an actuarial scientist to offer professional services,” he said.

He said he advised against any attempt to go to court over the issue, adding that the matter can be solved amicably if all parties meet.

“I hear that already Ford Kenya has made a decision to quit NASA. NASA is dead since even ODM itself pulled out,” he said.

The Wiper leader said Kenyans should elect a lawyer for president in 2022.

Kalonzo, a senior counsel, said former South Africa leader Nelson Mandela, former US president Barack Obama and the President Joe Biden are all lawyers.

“See what Mandela did for South Africa when he championed democratic rights. Obama had his stint in the US and so is Biden today – all lawyers who have led their countries well,” Kalonzo said.

He said in his quest for leadership, he has been called all sorts of names and chided a lot just to try and disrupt him from ascending to the presidency.

“I have been referred to as watermelon but remember watermelon is sweeter than even the orange. I wish to state categorically that time is up for all the dirty games used before to distort my road to State House,” he said.

He told Wiper delegates from Mombasa that it was time for all party members to pull in the same direction and ensure unity of purpose.

“We are making a stab at all elective posts in 2022. Mombasa County and other coastal counties are our targets,” he said.

He said, under Wiper leadership, Mombasa would become a free port and that the Mombasa-Nairobi highway would be made into a dual carriageway to ease congestion and reduce road accidents.

He said Wiper party was a formidable force at the Coast where it has a serving governor in Taita Taveta’s Granton Samboja.

In 2013, Wiper had Tana River Governor Hussein Dhadho while Mbogo is current MP for Kisauni.

“Come 2022, we hope to make an impact and have Wiper colours all over the region,” said Kalonzo.

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