Guinness Night Football Uganda: What did the influencers say?


Guinness’s GNF influencers share their opinions on an unforgettable evening in Kampala

Uganda’s inaugural Guinness Night Football programme came to a thrilling conclusion in December, where there were fun activities aplenty during a memorable night in Kampala.

Fans, a bottle of Guinness rarely far from their reach, enjoyed playing PlayStation, foosball, and live music, with DJ Ciza and dancehall star Cindy playing their biggest tracks.

Kampala’s top influencers were also on hand to enjoy an unforgettable evening, and shared their feedback on the breathtaking event.

“I enjoyed every single bit of the event,” said Lillian Atugonza. “Most importantly, I liked meeting new people, networking.”

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For blogger Bernard Olupot, the evening was a perfect way for Ugandans to celebrate their national sport.

“Ugandans have kind of embraced this football thing, it’s a religion now,” he began. “Everywhere you go people are speaking football, juggling a ball, juggling an orange, it’s beautiful.

“Everywhere you go, football and Guinness are the perfect combination.”


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