Gun-wielding cop nabbed while fleeing from auctioneers

Police Constable Joseph Kinuthia drove into the barracks as auctioneers chased him trying to repossess his vehicle, Honda CRV.

According to a police statement, Kinuthia is said to have defaulted on a loan for a year, disabled the car tracker, threatened the auctioneers every time they got hold of him, and tried to repossess the vehicle.

“The policeman was accused of threatening the auctioneers every time they got hold of him and tried to seize the car,” part of the statement read.

The officer is also accused of forcefully trying to gain entry into the Embakasi camp to dodge the auctioneers and removed his gun threatening to shoot them.

He was swiftly disarmed by the sentries manning the gate and taken to Embakasi police station to record a statement.

The auctioneers were also arrested to allow a further probe into the matter.

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