‘He is in Sabina Joy!’ Comedy over Senator Kang’ata’s whereabouts during Senate session

There was a light moment in the Senate on Tuesday afternoon following the mention of Sabina Joy, a night club in the Nairobi CBD mainly known to be a brothel.

It all began after Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata logged into the parliamentary proceedings from what appeared to be a bar contrary to the House regulations.

Speaker Kenneth Lusaka was at the moment inviting Senator Beatrice Kwamboka to make her remarks, when Senator Kang’ata interrupted virtually seeking to read his statement first.

For a brief moment, the Speaker could not see Kang’ata on the screen and he prodded him to switch on his camera so that the members in the House could see him reading the statement.

“Mr. Speaker I’m here. I’m online… My video is on… Mr. Speaker I’m online,” Kang’ata was heard saying, to which the Speaker responded: “We are not seeing you. We want to see you… put on your camera.”

After fixing the camera hitch, Kang’ata was now visible and from the background of his location he was at an entertainment joint with some Senators being heard claiming he is in a bar along Thika Road.

One of the Senators sparked laughter in the House after shouting that Kang’ata was at Sabina Joy drinking.

“Mr. Speaker he is on Thika Highway drinking… Mr. Speaker he is in a bar. Mr Speaker he is in Sabina Joy,” the Senator was heard saying.

Kang’ata tried to defend himself, claiming that he was in his office but the Speaker declined to allow him speak.

“No no no that is not an office Senator Kang’ata. I’m sorry we cannot allow that. The rules are very clear on where you can be,” said Lusaka as he proceeded to give another Senator the opportunity to speak.

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