Helen Mirren Once Took A Secret Photo Of Jason Momoa, Proving She’s A Fangirl Like Us

Like anyone who has eyes, Helen Mirren couldn’t quite handle how hot Jason Momoa was when she saw him in the flesh.

On Monday, Mirren told “The Talk” about the time she took a sneaky photo of the “Aquaman” star on a flight without his knowledge.

“I had secretly sort of done something really rather uncool on an airplane,” she said.

“I didn’t know him at all at that point. He was with his beautiful wife [Lisa Bonet] and my heart just went … I was with my husband, but my heart just went, ‘Oh my god, that is just the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life,’” the actor recalled, before adding: “I was sort of floored by it. So, I secretly got out my camera ― terrible ― and secretly took a photo of him.”

Mirren continued to gush about Momoa, saying, “Oh my god, he was so gorgeous.” 

In a twist of fate, the “Catherine the Great” star was asked to present the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature alongside Momoa this past February.

Mirren told the “Talk” hosts: “When they said, ‘Would you like to present with Jason?’ I thought, ‘My dream has come true.’”

Helen Mirren and Jason Momoa together at the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony.

Mirren later quipped that had she actually been the empress she plays in “Catherine the Great,” she would have offered Momoa a palace. 

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