Help keep youth off terror cells, Isiolo North MP tells locals


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Isiolo North MP Hassan Odha has decried the upsurge in the number of youth joining terror groups and called for concerted efforts in dealing with the issue.

While appealing to the public to volunteer information that will help police deal with the criminals, the legislator said his office will collaborate with the Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) and detectives in efforts to deal with radicalisation.

“We will not allow recruitment of our youths into terror groups to continue. If they have to do it, let them recruit their own children. There is no turning back on this. We must end radicalisation,” Mr Odha said.

He was speaking at Ikhlas Academy in Tuluroba.

He stressed on the need to empower the youth, saying some opt to join terror groups because of marginalisation and poverty.


The clergy, village elders and residents, he said, must work together in dealing with radicalisation that has seen many youths travel to Somalia with hopes of landing better opportunities that would change their families’ fortunes.

“We must all come together and assist police arrest those behind the clandestine activities in efforts to combat terrorism,” he noted.

Mr Odha challenged the youth to engage in productive activities and shun joining such groups as doing so would be risking their lives.

“No one should deceive you that when you join terror groups you will benefit and your lives will change. There is nothing new in Somalia,” he told young people.

The lawmaker reiterated his commitment towards supporting the youth pursue college and university education in an effort to deal with illiteracy levels.

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