Her name is Aisha: Jamal Gaddafi confirms Tanasha‘s conversion to Islam

KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi has said that rumours Tanasha Donna has converted to Islam are true.

Gaddafi shared a picture of himself, Tanasha and four other people on Friday evening as they were breaking the fast during the holy month of Ramadhan. He further added that Tanasha’s Muslim name is Aisha.

“First iftar with Tanasha. Mungu amuongoze na akubali saum zake na wote walio funga leo Ameen. Her name is Aisha. Let’s support her in her new journey,” Jamal posted on Instagram.

“Shukran,” Tanasha responded.

The radio presenter and singer is said to have converted to Islam while dating her baby daddy, Bongo musician Diamond Platnumz. The news was shared in March by Diamond’s sister, Esma Platnumz.

Esma’s words came after a fan accused her and the Dangote family of forcing Diamond’s baby mama Tanasha to convert to Islam. Reports said that Donna refused to convert to Islam and that was the reason they parted ways as lovers.

In her response, Esma said the fan had joined the party too late, adding that Tanasha converted on her own and nobody forced her.

Tanasha Donna had iftar with Jamal Gaddafi.

Relationship with Diamond

While explaining why she doesn’t want her son Naseeb Junior to grow up without a father, Tanasha revealed that she held onto the relationship with Diamond until she could not anymore.

In an interview with True Love Magazine, Tanasha disclosed that her partner lost interest in the relationship, prompting her to walk away as she was the only one trying to make things work.

Tanasha pointed out that her failure to meet Diamond’s expectations in the relationship also contributed to their breakup, but they are working on co-parenting to ensure Naseeb Junior is accorded the required parental love.

“At some point, I got a bit lost, because now a child is involved and now, I’m thinking about my son, not just me, I don’t want my son to grow up without a father. I’m really trying to fight for this relationship, but I can’t be the only one fighting, so I had to think of what’s best for me and my son too. Towards the end, things were getting rocky, for about 6 months but we were still trying to see how we can make it work and then it got to a point where you see the other person has just lost interest.

“And it’s not because of anything emotional but it’s because of not leaving up to certain expectations he had, but it’s not his fault because everybody is wired the way they are,” she said.

In the same interview, Tanasha also made it clear that she is not looking forward to jumping into another relationship and if she does, it will be probably after two years.

“No more relationships for now, maybe after two to three years, now I’m married to my grind.

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