Here is Thika Superhighway’s most foolish bus driver – VIDEO – Nairobi News

A PSV driver has left the online community in shock after pulling a dangerous stunt while driving on Thika Superhighway.

The driver was captured in a short video driving a bus that has no side mirrors.

But even more chilling is how he repeatedly picked up the broken side mirror that he had placed on his lap and extends his arm out of the window (while carrying the mirror) to check for traffic behind him while driving with one hand.

He used the broken side mirror to make a stop at Garden City Mall.

The video that was shared on the Facebook group Thika Today has left netizens speechless.

Jane Kiniiya said; “That is why accidents will never end.”

Shiku Lilian Wanjiku wrote; “weeee i rem one time we travelled like that from Nakuru to Thika with 2nk….It was so scary especially while overtaking or on coming vehicles overtake not until we reached barabara ya forest.”

Tiny Riki suggested; “Hawa ndiyo watu wanahatarisha Maisha ya wengine. Anafaa awekwe ndani ajue nini inamsumbua.”

Alaine Meade commented; “No wonder they’re always having accidents all the time not road worthy the government infrastructure is a joke with people life’s.”

Alvin Asoll claimed, “Dere ako tu sawa. Maybe the vehicle was hit in town. Atleast anatumia kioo kuangalia asigonge mtu… It happens.”

Thira Kariuki stated; “This is kenya mpya.ilinibeba sometimes back kwenda town.realised after boarding deree anashikilia sidemirror aki overtake.”

Castor Rotich remarked; “I guess Resurrection happened in kenya coz the level of craziness…. is unbelievable.”

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