How childhood dream to write led me to Ken Walibora – singer Nadia Mukami

Distinguished author Prof Ken Walibora behind Siku Njema, Ndoto ya Amerika, Kidagaaa Kimemuozea and Naskia Sauti ya Mama among other acclaimed literary works is dead.

News that has hit home for many and in particular renowned singer, songwriter and budding author Nadia Mukami.

Eulogizing the late Walibora, she shared her love for Kiswahili and how her passion for poetry and dream to get published saw her get introduced to the prolific author at Moran Publishers.

Narrating on Instagram how she exclusively got the ear of the seasoned broadcaster who died after being knocked down by a matatu on Landhies Road, Nadia disclosed that her journey was wrought with setbacks.

“When I was in high school, (my former school mates and Classmates can testify) I was one of the best writers in Kiswahili and I used to read and write News in Kiswahili. I wrote my first collection of poetry kwa Kiswahili sanifu tunaita, diwani (this is a collection of mashairi) and took it to Moran Publishers and it was rejected,” she narrated.

With her copy in hand, she marched to the publisher and was advised on how to improve and polish her copy.

“Fast forward, the year is 2018 when I finished writing my second book (Which was again rejected) the above Children’s book(Class 4 edition) in Kiswahili titled, Kudesi na Hadithi Nyingine and I took it to Moran Publishers for the edit because we were in talks with the editor,” shared Mukami.

Ken Walibora [Photo: Courtesy]

Call it fate or chance, Walibora had on that day, fortunately, paid the publisher a courtesy call.

“It had so many lingual mistakes and the editor took me through how the final copy should look like including the format. Then he told me; I want you to meet someone and then the editor goes ahead and introduces me to Ken Walibora who had visited them and tells him am a young girl who is really enthusiastic about Kiswahili poetry and writing and am really good at it blah blah and went ahead to ask Ken to advise me,” she went on.

Whilst the book did not hit the press, she cherishes the meeting dearly and stressed that his death was a big blow.

“Anyways, fast forward the book couldn’t make it to the final stage of publishing coz of so many factors and I kind of gave up on it and decided to focus on writing music.

“Today morning I woke up and after hearing the death of Ken Walibora I want to re-publish this book in honour and memory of Ken Walibora. This is a children’s book that aims at enabling our kids learn the basics of Kiswahili. To the lovers of Kiswahili, this is a great loss to us. May he rest in eternal peace.”

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