How to get rid of belly fat without going to the gym

When I was a little girl, I was a huge enthusiast of perusing through Lifestyle Magazines. My favorite pages being those full of supermodels donned in the latest fashion trends. I particularly envied their lean bodies and their ever-flat tummies.  As I grew up, I found myself incorporating activities and routines that helped me stay fit but mostly maintain a flat tummy. The amazing part of this story is that I achieved my body goals without ever stepping into a gym. Here are some of the most useful tips to help get rid of belly fat at home.

Watch what you put in your mouth

If you want to live in peace with those around you, it is vital to watch the words that come out of your mouth, and if you’re going to get rid of that abdomen chunk, you better watch what you eat. It is advisable to go big on vegetables, proteins, and fruits and cut down on carbohydrates. This is because vegetables and fruits tend to keep you feeling full and still have a low count of calories that helps you shade that belly fat. On the other hand, too many carbs are generally a great enemy of weight loss, so it is best to limit the amounts to consume.

Eat healthy. (Courtesy)

Work out your body as you go about your house chores

Following a workout routine can be boring, so try to incorporate some workouts as you go about your duties. I like to associate the completion of every chore with a workout. For example, I do some jumping jacks when dusting the house. After doing the dishes, I do a victory dance, which involves three sets of standing bicycle crunches and two butt kicks. After mopping the house, you can do justice to that clean floor by spreading your mat and do a couple of sit-ups and planks, which are very useful in burning belly fat.

Invest in a skipping rope

Invest in a skipping rope. (Shutterstock)

Use the stairs

If you are living in a flat, use those stairs to help yourself shed that belly fat. Climb up and down a couple of times every morning and evening and you will not only notice results on your tummy but also get toned legs. When climbing up the stairs, try to vary your speed with every set. You can start slow on the first climb and increase speed on the second climb.

Consistency is the key if you want to burn that belly fat. So, don’t tire and throw in the towel until you achieve your goal. Also, remember to be patient with yourself, as Rome wasn’t also built in a day.

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