How to Organize Your Jewelry So It’s Tidy and Untangled

Pros reveal their favorite jewelry organizers and best tips.

Maybe you have a dresser drawer dedicated to your favorite hoops, bangles, and baubles. Or maybe the top of your vanity doubles as a jewelry display. No matter how much space you have, here’s how to maximize it so you can find your favorite jewelry at a glance and get out the door faster.

Organizing pros Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, cofounders of The Home Edit, share their top tips for how to organize jewelry using whatever space you have. Consider this all the inspiration you need to finally wrangle and untangle your jewelry collection.

Aaron Cameron Muntz

1.How to Organize Jewelry in a Drawer

1. Take Inventory

First, sort your collection—categorizing like with like—to determine how much storage you’ll need.

2. Gather Containers

Search for items throughout your home that can be repurposed as in-drawer dividers, such as egg crates, teacups, or box tops. Use them to supplement store-bought drawer dividers, such as Vaccariello’s favorite storage trays from the Container Store. She uses these stackable trays with various compartments to stash earrings of all sizes.

3. Divide by Style

Place similar jewels together within each container: Set chunky bracelets in a bowl, hang chandelier earrings over the edge of a cup, and put studs and rings in the smallest compartments. Limit groupings to no more than a few pieces to avoid overcrowding, so you can see all your options at a glance.

4. Layer Up

For drawers deeper than the one at left, use multilevel inserts: Stash in-season items on top and lesser-worn pieces toward the bottom.

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2.How to Organize Jewelry on Your Vanity

Drawer with organized jewelry

1. Grab and Go

Designate a small dish or a ring cone to hold the accessories you reach for every day. Leaving them out means you won’t have to search for them—and you’ll always remember to wear them.

2. Design a Display

To make things look pretty, arrange your collection like one you’d see at a store, putting favorite pieces on sculptural objects or figurines. (Don’t overdo it, though. Too much could lead to clutter.)

3. Hang Loose

To prevent daintier, fine-chain necklaces from getting tangled or misplaced, drape each one over a separate peg on a clear carousel from Aliexpress.

4. Put a Lid on It

A jewelry box keeps your baubles dust-free. Choose one that complements your decor and has room to accommodate new additions.

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Aaron Cameron Muntz

3. How to Organize Jewelry on the Wall

1. Use Vertical Space

Hang long or chunky pieces from hooks (on a rod, like above, or directly mounted to the wall) to keep them orderly and within reach. Bonus: It’s a sturdy solution for your heavier pieces. If you have a large collection of necklaces, follow Vaccariello’s lead and get multiple hook racks for necklaces of different lengths: one for chokers, one for statement necklaces, and one for longer pieces.

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2. Find a Double-Duty Solution

If you prefer to keep your jewelry tucked away, a shallow hanging mirror organizer is a practical fix. The full-length mirror opens up to reveal a series of hooks and racks to stash all your accessories.

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3. Frame It Out

Fabric memo boards are ideal for earrings. Slide the earring back all the way onto the post and push into the memo board (like a thumbtack). To hang lightweight necklaces, drape them over pretty pushpins.