HuffPost Event: A Conversation On Building Resilience In The Workplace

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, whether you work the night shift or 8 to 5, you deserve to cut yourself some slack given the circumstances we’re all living in. But it’s not always easy. How do we foster a workplace culture where vulnerability is a sign of strength, not weakness? What can each of us do at an individual level to undo society’s mindset that our physical, mental and emotional health determines our worth?

Join HuffPost editor Wendy Lu, work/life reporter Monica Torres and psychologist and career coach Lisa Orbé-Austin on Thursday, Dec. 3, at 7 p.m. ET for a virtual live discussion and Q&A around the complicated relationship between health, productivity and work.

At this virtual event, Lu, Torres and Orbé-Austin will explore how to be resilient and adaptable when so much of what contributed to our sense of normalcy — gatherings with friends, family vacations, a sense of safety and well-being — is no longer available, while also acknowledging that for many communities, resilience isn’t a choice but an act of survival. We’ll also dispel some myths about productivity and talk about what happens when we downplay our pain in the workplace — and how self-care looks different for everyone.

The event is open to everyone. Please sign up here!

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