Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor’ Trailer Highlights A Queer Teen’s Coming-Of-Age

Hulu released the first trailer for “Love, Victor” this week, revealing how the series spinoff of “Love, Simon” connects to its source material.

The clip, which you can watch above, introduces viewers to Victor (Michael Cimino), a Texas-born student whose family relocates to Georgia. As he prepares to enroll at Atlanta’s Creekwood High School, he corresponds with recent graduate Simon ― the gay teen at the center of 2018’s “Love, Simon” movie ― over email.

Much like its big screen predecessor, “Love, Victor” begins with its protagonist struggling to come to terms with his sexuality ― and, in this case, he’s not yet sure how he’ll identify. But an early teaser hints that a relationship between Victor and a male classmate, Benji (George Sear) blossoms.

“Some guys like guys,” Victor explains in voiceover. “Some guys like girls. Some guys like both. I’m not even sure what I like.”

Fan expectations for “Love, Victor” are certainly high, and for good reason. When “Love, Simon” debuted in 2018, it was Hollywood’s first mainstream coming-of-age comedy to focus on a gay teen.

The success of “Love, Simon” paved the way for “Love, Victor,” which was originally developed for Disney+. In a move that sparked online criticism, it was announced that the series would instead be released on Hulu in June to mark LGBTQ Pride Month.

Though Hulu is also owned by Disney, the company never formally commented on the reasons behind the streaming platform move. At the time, multiple outlets reported that company execs decided “Love, Simon” explored mature subjects better suited to Hulu’s audience.


With that in mind, the trailer offers a number of clues as to how the series will thematically deviate from the film. It suggests some marital discord between Victor’s parents, while the family’s faith also appears to factor into the narrative. There’s also an appearance by “RuPaul’s Drag Race” veteran Katya, too.

“Love, Victor” debuts on Hulu June 19.

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