Hunt launched for Subaru drivers caught on tape racing on Thika Rd

With his speedometer reading 120 kilometers per hour, his turbo fully engaged, deafening pop sounds ripping through the dark of night, and his adrenaline goading him to change lanes at will, this Subaru driver “cared less” about the safety of other motorists, but cared more about his ego, which was being bruised by the Subaru driver ahead of him.

To him, it was a kooky do-or-die contest. To authorities, it was harebrained recklessness.

Police say the movie-like scenes were captured on Thika Road on Sunday, April 18 as motorists dashed home to beat the 8pm to 4am curfew.

Transport regulator, NTSA, now says a hunt for the Subaru drivers, who were allegedly racing on the busy highway, has been launched.

“We are working closely with police to smoke out the reckless drivers. We hope CCTV cameras mounted at different spots on the Thika Super Highway will help us identify the culprits,” a senior officer at the NTSA told The Standard in confidence.

The administrator said NTSA has received several complaints from motorists about a section of Subaru drivers who “bully” and “endanger” the lives of other road users while speeding.

“It’s high time we (regulators) acted,” said the NTSA rep.

The informant said once identified and arrested, the drivers who were allegedly racing on Thika Road last Sunday will have their driver’s licences revoked.

“They will also be charged with reckless driving, which could result in them spending a maximum of two years in jail, or a fine of Sh100,000, or both.”

The Traffic Act (2013), Sections 86 and 87, penalise reckless and careless driving respectively.

The Standard sought comment from a senior admin of Subaru Boys’ Club on whether they feel prejudiced by the regulator and other motorists.

“I am not opposed to motorists’ embracing safe driving habits. However, I suggest we be allowed to race on designated lanes. Motorsport is an age-old activity,” said the Club’s representative, who identified himself as Lamez Span.

The Subaru club member refuted reports that the recent racing caught on tape occurred on Sunday, April 18.

“I suspect the video clip was recorded in 2012,” he said.

Lamez, however, urged his fellow motorists to exercise caution on all-purpose roads.

“I know there are those causing drama and inviting all attention on themselves. I’ll urge them to be patient and mindful of other road users. This also applies to motorists driving other vehicle brands,” he said.

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