I almost walked out of my marriage to Wahu – Nairobi News

September this year, Kenyan celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu will be celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary since they exchanged their wedding vows.

The colorful ceremony, which was held on the shores of Lake Naivasha, was reported to have cost Sh1 million at the time.

However, many may not be aware of the fact that Nameless almost walked out of the marriage after Wahu got pregnant.


In a recent interview with Radio Jambo, Nameless disclosed that his marriage life to Wahu hasn’t been a bed of roses and that it has taken them a lot of effort to remain together.

Nameless also revealed that the beginning of their marriage was the toughest moment and he almost quit after Wahu got pregnant.

“In the beginning of marriage two or three years after, nilikuwa nashindwa what is not happening. Then ujue just when we got married she got pregnant. Sasa unajua pregnancy inakujanga na vitu zingine huzielewi. I almost left at that time,” Nameless said.


Nameless, who has been publicizing his latest single Megarider, a remix of the song which catapulted him to fame 20 years ago, also revealed how they have been able to overcome marriage challenges.

“Hatuko na siri ati tuliget married tukalearn ati hii ndo plan yetu. Hakuna kitu kama hiyo, mna learn along the way as you try to have an understanding,” Nameless explained.

However, Nameless admitted that he still struggles to understand his wife’s mood swings.

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