I don’t have time for inauthentic relationships anymore – Lilian Muli

Coronavirus has impacted lives globally since its outbreak early in the year.

Despite the innumerable punches that it has thrown on what many consider normal, it has also brought out an element of introspection for many in lockdown or quarantine.

Among those is TV anchor Lilian Muli who revealed that the outbreak has accorded her an opportunity to, for the first time, ‘confront issues; re-align her priorities and re-evaluate her relationships’.

Taking to Instagram, Muli disclosed that the normalcy before Covid-19 had offered an escape from reality; hinged on routines, familiar circles of acquaintances and other ‘draining crutches’.

“For the first time I have been forced to sit alone and confront the issues I have never allowed myself to confront,” she started.

“Most of us run away from the reality of the days of our lives. We lean on crutches in the name of relationships, friendships, partying etc. Some of these crutches are draining…it’s always a case of “same s… different day.” It’s exhausting but we get hooked to that normalcy,” Muli went on.

She explained that she is looking forward to when the world will beat the pandemic but is at the same cognizant of the changes she has had to make.

I look forward to when this pandemic will be over but looking on the brighter side of the Rona… I am home early now, usually, I’m always up and about hustling, then I meet up with a pal or two for a quick drink etc. I get home exhausted and go to bed sometimes with makeup on coz I’m too beat,” she added.

The Citizen TV anchor, in particular, noted that she is done with ‘inauthentic and non-value adding relationships.’

“Since Rona and the curfew happened my house is my fortress I Love being there; I cook, I read, I play with my babies and most importantly I don’t have time for inauthentic and non-value adding relationships with anyone anymore. When the Rona is over; I am 100 per cent sure I will be a different Lillian, and I’m not mad about that,” posted Muli.

A message that resonated with many of her followers.

“Rona has taken us back to basics. What really matters! There is always a silver lining in every dark cloud. Keep safe sis,” responded one.

“I love how God has given us time for reflection and family. It’s just about self-love and small circle called family. I feel like I’ve been wrong my whole life how I understood relationship,” added another.

While a third shared, “Hapo kwa relationship Lilly umegonga ndipo… actually this is the time for self-realization …if something isn’t adding any value in our lives. Delete it… all the best.”

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