I only dreamt of being a train driver – VIDEO – Nairobi News

Deputy President William Ruto says he once harboured dreams of becoming a train driver.

While recently narrating his tough past, the DP explained that he came to admire the profession after working next to a railway line for a few years.

“In 1978, 1979 and 1980, I used to sell chicken at between Sh12 and Sh14 each. At that time I only thought of driving a train. That was my dream because you know I used to work next to a railway. So I understand what you (casual business people) go through when you sell potatoes and vegetables,” Ruto said.

Life has since changed for the better for Ruto, who now holds the second most powerful office in the land, with an average take home monthly salary of Sh1.2 million.


His big break is said to have come when he once visited retired President Daniel arap Moi as part of the church choir.

The DP’s personal fortune has also increased tenfold.

Nowadays, he is in the habit of hopping from village to village in a private chopper. He also owns and uses a large fleet of vehicles.

He is estimated to donate an average Sh5 million a month at public fundraisers.

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