Idris Elba denies claims he ‘was paid’ to test positive for coronavirus

Idris Elba has been forced to deny rumours that he was paid to contract the coronavirus.The 47-year-old actor was one of the first celebrities to test positive for the COVID-19 outbreak.

And now, several conspiracy theorists have claimed that Idris admitted to contracting to disease in order to receive a huge sum of money.The Fast and Furious actor was diagnosed over two weeks ago and has been in isolation with his wife Sabrina, 29, who also revealed that she had contracted the virus in the last number of days.

Despite the fact that he has received worldwide support from loyal fans over the past couple of weeks, the actor has still been hit with questions and claims regarding the lack of symptoms he experienced before testing positive for the virus.

Sceptical fans have questioned how Idris was able to acquire a COVID-19 test when so many others showing symptoms were denied access to one.Taking the matter into his own hands after discovering the accusations, the Luther star took to Instagram Live to clear his name and reassure his devoted fans that he was never paid to admit that he contracted the sickness.

Setting the record straight and defending his honour, the British big screen star insisted that he shouldn’t have to address such ridiculous claims.”The idea that someone like myself is going to be paid to say I have coronavirus. That’s absolute bulls***! Such stupidness”.

He continued by stating that there is no benefit for him or his wife by announcing that they have the sickness, adding that there is simply ‘no logic’ to people’s opinions on the matter.”People want to spread that like it’s news. It’s stupid. It’s the quickest way to get people sick.

“It’s no benefit to me and Sabrina saying that we got it and we ain’t got it. I don’t understand the logic of that”.Opening up about how he was tested, Idris admitted that everyone who has symptoms should take the test, regardless of if they are rich or poor.

He insisted: “It shouldn’t be about whether the rich or poor gets it. Everyone should be able to get a test, for sure.”I think the negativity around test-shaming is counterproductive. I don’t see what people get out of that”.

The actor’s defensive Instagram live comes after Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B said in her own Instagram Live broadcast that celebrities who say they have the illness sound like they are in a “Flat Tummy Tea commercial,” referring to detox products influencers are paid to promote online.

Cardi B, 27, clarified her comments in a separate video, captioned “I said what I said”.

She said celebrities without symptoms who say they have tested positive for coronavirus are causing “confusion” for the public, many of whom do not have the luxury to retreat to a large house to isolate.

“People live in small a** apartments with multiple people,” Cardi B said.

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