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Sarah Kohan, the wife of former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker Javier Hernandez “Chicharito” has denied claims that she and the star are having a troublesome marriage.

Through an Instagram post, Kohan appeared to hit out at people claiming she cheated on the footballer, who is currently plying his trade in the United States of America (USA) for LA Galaxy.

“For all the news outlets making up rumours about me, I would like to say that I have never been with another person physically or emotionally since I met Javier. Please stop with all the accusations insinuating that I have. That’s not the person I am. Please respect mine and my family’s privacy,” she said as seen on The Sun.

Kohan posted a full-frontal nude photo of herself on Instagram [The Sun]

The response came hours after she posted a full-frontal nude photo of herself captioned “When someone asks for a picture of you that sums you up…” intensifying rumours she and Chicharito have split, having not posted a photo of themselves in a while.

Kohan, a mother of two, put to an end an Instagram Live session with Hernandez’s coach and friend Diego Drayfus, who people claim could be her lover following the subject being raised.

Soccer Football – World Cup – Group F – Mexico vs Sweden – Ekaterinburg Arena, Yekaterinburg, Russia – June 27, 2018 Mexico’s Javier Hernandez looks dejected [Reuters, Darren Staples]

In November last year, she told off fans making outrageous claims Drayfus could be the father of Hernandez’s child, Noah.

“I am sick and tired of getting messages telling me Noah’s father is Diego because he has blue eyes. His father is Javier. I was already pregnant with Noah when I met Diego for the first time in London. He has blue eyes because of genetics. My mum has the same blue eyes as him. End of story. Stop trolling my family,” she told fans as seen on The Sun.

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