I’m not hiding Gaddafi’s ‘missing millions’ – Nairobi News

Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma has denied claims that he is hiding $30 million (about Sh3 billion) which belonged to former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in his bunker at the sprawling Nkandla homestead.

In his response via social media, Zuma said it was impossible to hide such a huge amount of money and then struggle to pay his legal fees to an extent of considering to sell off his properties.

“Where is this money because His Majesty knows nothing about it?” he posed.

Sections of the South African media has referred to this loot as ‘Gaddafi’s missing millions’ and that it has had a lot of different hiding places over the years.

Reports further suggest that Gaddafi gave Zuma the money for ‘safekeeping’ during the final years of his presidency.


It is further claimed that Zuma would later pass the money to the King of Eswatini when he lost the presidency in 2018 following corruption-related allegations leveled against him.

It is believed the money was to be used in case Gadaffi had to face a lengthy legal battle, and a nest egg for his family if he was jailed.

However, how Zuma managed to get the money to a different country still remains a mystery.

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