In David Ndii, Esther Passaris finds her knight in shining armour – Nairobi News

Economist David Ndii spent the better part of Saturday afternoon going to war on behalf of Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris who has been under attack from angry Kenyans.

It all started when Ms Passaris shared pictures of herself in a hospital in India where she is currently receiving treatment after undergoing a successful spinal surgery.

One online user pointed out how her decision to go abroad for treatment shows the local mwananchi the little faith she has with the health care system in the country.

“This is a Kenyan MP in the capital city of Nairobi, saying she went for treatment abroad coz hospitals in the city lack facilities, qualified personnel and ability to treat her. Poor Kenyans who can’t afford abroad should just die, that’s what she is saying,” tweeted @EnochCheruiyot6.

Mr Ndii immediately responded chastising the tweep for his rather harsh unwarranted comment. He argued that Ms Passaris had indeed already undergone two surgeries in Kenya and she had a right to choose what was best for her well-being.


“Why are you so mean? Esther had two back surgeries in Kenya last year. Are you suggesting people in public life should sacrifice their wellbeing for political correctness?” asked Mr Ndii.

The conversation did not end there as others also joined in but he had a response for each one of them.

“Sir…The leadership, can bring India system & expertise to Kenya. I know of people who can’t raise bus fare to Nairobi from Kisumu for a medical check-up,” commented @KevineOkeyo.

“You are also telling successful people to avoid public office because they will be mocked if they seek treatment abroad or send their children to expensive private schools. So you will have to make do with the mediocre ones who don’t care. Choices, consequences,” replied Mr Ndii.

Below is the full conversation.

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