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Influencer role during pandemic


Businesses are frantically trying to adapt to the “new normal” under Covid-19. Even though the future looks unpredictable, social media usage is rising, presenting an opportunity to hook up with consumers in a much more profound way.

Advertisers can leverage influencer marketing as their front-line defence against business plunge.

Platforms like TikTok that were popular with the younger generation are becoming cross-generational.

Empirical studies from Berlin Cameron/Perksy suggest that a more considerable section of millennials believe that marketers hold an integral role in making a difference during the Covid-19 crisis.

In some sense, influencer marketing has to communicate and address the current situation in a manner that advertisers do not fall by the wayside and influencers left hanging.


The question remains: How can advertisers approach influencer marketing and make the most of the current situation by adding value and building brand equity?

Despite adversity, your consumers require not only content but content that focuses on human component with the likelihood of enhancing effectiveness. This calls for agility and creativity for brands to increase their chances of surviving during this crisis.

In that vein, it means brands should reinvest in channels that have longer payoffs, doing some social user research to understand their consumer needs, and implementing quick-action measures that keep them running.

2. Monitor Social Media for Innovative Engagement

If you haven’t been proactive on social media, this is the time to begin monitoring your channels and embracing innovative engagement. Understand where your influencers spend most of their time and learn their behaviour. Use data analytics to make decision.

Influencer marketers ought to continue nurturing the relationship with their influencer community to promote their brands. After the crisis, influencers will only remember the brands that stuck by their side, and ultimately remain true to their loyalty.

Whatever you may be going through in this crisis may not be new to others. Different businesses are experiencing more or less the same issues, and it can be an excellent opportunity to take inspiration from them. The challenges may be tough but learning from others who may or may not be in the same niche is no harm.

Navigating through this Covid-19 environment requires accepting the “new normal.” Nobody can tell how or when businesses will return to normal.

Influencer marketers have this time to be creative, build relationships, and explore opportunities that differentiate their brand

One thing: Challenging times bring out the best in people.

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