Inside look at every one of Tiger Woods’ 82 PGA Tour victories

What a journey. From a 20-year-old, newly established professional to a worldwide sports icon, Tiger Woods has mesmerized the golf world on his way to tying the PGA Tour record of 82 career victories, set by the legendary Sam Snead.

Snead, the Hall of Famer who was born in the same year as golf legends Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson, was 52 years old in 1965 when he became the oldest player to win on the PGA Tour. Eventually, that victory was determined to be his 82nd and last, setting a standard that decades of players could not match.

Jack Nicklaus topped out at 73 wins, while Hogan had 64 and Arnold Palmer 62.

Woods passed them years ago, before injuries seemingly sidelined his career, stalling at 79 victories after he captured the Bridgestone Invitational in 2013.

But the past 13 months have produced some amazing moments for Woods, now 43, as he won the Tour Championship last year for his first victory in five years, captured the Masters in April for his 15th major title and now has matched Snead in, of all places, Japan.

Here is a rundown of each and every one of those 82 titles.

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