Invest more in energy, urges Raila Odinga

African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development Raila Odinga wants countries in the continent to invest more in renewable energy to create jobs for the youth.

Speaking during a Powering Jobs Conference at Strathmore University Thursday, Mr Odinga regretted that only 16,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa work in the renewable energy sector and that some 600 million people lack electricity.

“There is no denying that energy is the sector on which Kenya and Africa can depend in the years ahead to spur economic development, attract investment and create jobs for young people,” Mr Odinga said.

Vouching for affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to create jobs, Mr Odinga said the continent’s population, which is expected to double in the coming decades with majority being below 18 years, will need jobs.

“Good jobs go where there is the right infrastructure mix of energy, transportation and internet connectivity,” Mr Odinga said.

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