Is this the real ‘Aquaman’ or daring fisherman with death wish? – Nairobi News

Images of an unidentified man fishing at the mouth of the spillway of Masinga Dam will definitely startle you if you have hydrophobia.

Video and photos, shot exclusive by Nairobi News, captured the man standing frighteningly close to the mammoth canopy of water joining Tana River.

This Masinga Dam version of Hollywoods’ Aquaman is dressed in a Borussia Dortmund football club jersey.

Standing on the edge of the spillway concrete wall, and seemingly obvious of the great danger he is exposing himself to, he nonchalantly goes about casting his fishing rod into the river.

A KenGen guard, who spoke to Nairobi News, said the man prefers to fish on that spot due to the abundance of fish looking for food deposited by the raging water flowing from the spillway of Masinga Dam.

“Two days ago I spotted the man carrying five mature common carp fish,” the guard explained.

The man pulling the fishing stunt clearly doesn’t mind putting his life on the line just to put a meal on the table, considering that Masinga Dam has spilled due to the current heavy rains that have been pounding the Mt Kenya region where Tana river and its tributaries trace their sources.

The mouth of the spillway of Masinga Dam where it joins Tana River. The 2,200m long embankment dam stands at 60m tall with the volume of 4,950,000 m³. PHOTO | KANYIRI | WAHITO

The spilling has raised fears of floods downstream and destruction of property in surrounding villages.

Masinga Dam is the largest of the Seven Forks Dams along Tana River.

The 2,200m long embankment dam stands 60m tall with a volume of 4,950,000 m³.

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