Jake Tapper Twitter-Burns Sen. John Cornyn’s Hypocrisy Over Nasty Tweets

The CNN anchor lambasted Texas Sen. John Cornyn for criticizing fiery social media posts of Justice Department nominee Vanita Gupta while ignoring Trump’s.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn on Thursday showed he’s either a snowflake or a hypocrite with a very short memory by attacking Vanita Gupta’s nomination for a top Justice Department position for her past fiery tweets.

Although Gupta has support from America’s law enforcement community, Cornyn, a Republican, suggested her ill-advised tweets show she’d use the No. 3 job in the Justice Department to go after political enemies.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper responded with a sarcastic tweet that alluded to the nasty social media posts of former president Donald Trump, who Cornyn supported.

Cornyn ignored Tapper’s indirect reference to Trump and cheekily responded that the newscaster obviously agreed with him.

Tapper went on to criticize the senior Texas senator for his double standard of demanding civility from Democrats who are also women of color while ignoring the many insulting and disturbing tweets posted by Trump during his presidency:

“For a half decade you’ve been as quiet as a church mouse about twitter attacks from someone with far more power than an associate attorney general,” Tapper wrote. “The question isn’t about my standards. It’s about where yours have been.”

Cornyn didn’t immediately answer the skewering, but people on Twitter lambasted his hypocrisy.


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