James Conner’s Back Muscles Look Like He Could Carry The World

James Conner of the Pittsburgh Steelers has not been missing back day.

The 6-foot-1, 233-pound NFL running back showed off his superhero-like back muscles on Twitter Thursday, writing that he was “just on some healthy lifestyle vibes.”

Yeah. Or he’s on the Atlas plan to carry the weight of the world (even though the mythological Titan actually held up the heavens.)

So here’s Conner in the midst of his disappointing 2019 season, in which injuries limited him to 10 games and 464 yards rushing.

And here he is ― or his back, really ― getting ready for a comeback in 2020. (Click twice on the bottom-right image for the full effect.)

Conner has overcome far greater adversity than a subpar season. He is a cancer survivor who said he was once told he had a week to live.

He celebrated his health and strength on Twitter Thursday.

“Remember shedding tears workin out because I couldn’t believe how tired I was and how much strength and energy I lost, but also tears because I was so thankful for 2nd chance & had the option to go hard,” he wrote.

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