James Corden Points Out Donald Trump Even Speaks In Typos

“The Late Late Show” host James Corden on Wednesday decided to shine a light on all the odd things President Donald Trump said at his Arizona rally this week. And one in particular may turn your frownd upside down.

During a campaign speech at a Students for Trump event on Tuesday, the president tried to say someone in the audience had the same spirit as the Founding Fathers, but it didn’t come out that way. After showing a clip of Trump mispronouncing “founders,” Corden and bandleader Reggie Watts wondered exactly what the president said.

“What was it, the frown-ders?” Corden asked.

“Something frownding, flounding, yeah,” replied Watts.

They then replayed the clip and decided it was “frown-ders.”

“He even speaks in typos. It’s incredible,” joked Corden, referencing the president’s legendary online gaffes like hamberders and covfefe. 

Elsewhere in the speech, Trump made a bewildering claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted to dance in the streets of Chinatown.

“Did she?” said Corden, adding: “I feel like this is just a dream he had and he thought it was real. Although I can smell a new nickname coming on: Dancy Pelosi.”

Trump also took time during his trip to sign a plaque attached to the border wall, leading Corden to joke that “old habits die hard.”

“You know, that guy sees a poorly constructed real estate project and he cannot resist just slapping his name on it,” Corden said.

Hopefully, that wall has spell check.

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