JAPAN – The Shogun Trail

flights not included

Group size: 10-16 people

Explore Tokyo’s neon-lit streets, take a bullet train to Kyoto and discover Kyoto’s tranquil temples and visit the site of the world’s first atomic attack in Hiroshima. Travel away from the tourist trail to uncover the country’s rural charm with a stay in a traditional ryokan on the beautiful island of Hirado.

Tokyo – Explore the city’s lively neon-lit streets and visit Hakone National Park for a spectacular view of Mount Fuji
Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Reflect at the sites of the world’s first atomic bomb attacks
Tea with a geisha – Enjoy Japanese tea with a geisha and learn about her art and her life.

Variety of dates available:
Sun 18 Oct 2020 – Thu 29 Oct 2020
Sun 14 Mar 2021 – Thu 25 Mar 2021
Sun 28 Mar 2021 – Thu 8 Apr 2021
Sun 28 Mar 2021 – Thu 8 Apr 2021
Sun 26 Sep 2021 – Thu 7 Oct 2021


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