Jason Sudeikis Got A COVID-19 Test While Presenting An Emmy

This is what you get for punching Baby Yoda.

At Sunday night’s 2020 Emmys ceremony, Jason Sudeikis, the aforementioned Yoda puncher, appeared to get a COVID-19 test while trying to announce the award for Outstanding Comedy Series.

“Really? It can’t wait 5 minutes,” Sudeikis said as a tester came up to him, shoving a cotton swab in his nose while he was trying to present the nominees. The comedian noted that it was “Academy policy” to get tested every hour and went on presenting anyway. Well, he tried.

“Oh wow, that’s deep,” said Sudeikis, adding, “I think you dented my brain.”

“Schitt’s Creek” ended up winning the award, like it did so many awards Sunday night. But we know what you really want to know: When will Sudeikis get his COVID-19 results?

Three to six weeks, according to someone off-camera.

“Very helpful,” Sudeikis joked.

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