Jenny Bird Launches the Everyday Hero Pin in Support of YWCA Canada

Photograph courtesy of Jenny Bird

The pin features “two hands lifting up a rainbow, to signify optimism unity and love.”

Bird’s eponymous brand is donating 100 per cent of net proceeds from the sale of the pin to the YWCA Canada. According to a release, the YWCA Canada “services a diverse community of women and those who identify as female, including Black women, all women of colour, Indigenous women and Two-Spirit people.” Since the pandemic began, YWCA Canada has seen an increase of up to 20 per cent in need in certain areas across the country from women and children who urgently need support and to remove themselves from their current environment. Funds raised via the initiative will be used to provide food supplies, transportation, technology (to equip the women to communicate with YWCA staff and look for employment), counselling sessions and safe housing options.

Speaking of the initiative in a release, Bird said, “This pin was born to support at-risk women and children across North America who continue to be in urgent need as the pandemic wears on. We called it the Everyday Hero Pin because it represents the cycle of support so necessary during this time as we continue to hold one another other up while not being able to be physically together. The rainbow design is inspired from children’s art in home windows that spread a message of hope early on in this pandemic, while the hands represent an everyday hero holding up our hope.”

The pin is available to purchase individually ($20) or in packs of three ($50), six ($100) or 20 ($250). So far, over $1,300 has been raised for the initiative. Customers can visit the brand’s website to view the initiative’s progress towards its $10,000 goal by August 28 and, of course, to buy their own pin.

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