Jimmy Kimmel Gives Simple Reason Why Trump’s Protester Conspiracy Is Nonsense

Jimmy Kimmel is debunking the “bunker boy.”

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump tweeted an unfounded conspiracy theory that Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old protester who was roughly shoved onto the ground by police in Buffalo, New York, was involved in a “set up.”

Without evidence, the president claimed that Gugino, who had to be hospitalized after the incident, “fell harder than was pushed” and was trying to scan and black out police equipment.

On his Tuesday show, Kimmel debunked Trump’s theory and gave a simple reason why it’s nonsense.

“Just to recap, the theory here is that a 75-year-old man was using his cell phone to scan police communication equipment in order to black it out. I feel like anyone who’s tried to Zoom with their grandparents knows there’s no possible way that’s true,” he said.

“It takes a special kind of monster to see a peaceful 75-year-old man shoved to the ground by police so hard he bleeds from the ears and take the side of the concrete. But he does. Our un-founding father,” added the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host, who chose not to show the video footage of Gugino being shoved because it was too upsetting. 

It seems that the only “set up” was Trump positioning himself as a late-night punchline.

Seth Meyers also addressed the president’s dangerous tweet on “Late Night,” saying, “What’s wrong with you? You tweeted that? That’s not for Twitter. That kind of insanity clearly belongs on Facebook.”

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