Jimmy Kimmel’s Drive-By Interview Of Jeff Ross In His Garage Is The Future

Jimmy Kimmel may be on to something.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host was looking for an alternative to a Zoom interview, so he set out Wednesday for a rare in-person chat ― from his car. (See the video below.)

His drive-by subject was old friend Jeff Ross, the stand-up comic known as the “Roastmaster General” for his appearances on Comedy Central roasts.

From his garage, Ross introduced his German shepherd rescue, Rona (named for Corona); showed off his yoga moves (“nama-stay-at-home”); and riffed a little on the outbreak.

“I am fighting the war against COVID-19 the same way our president fought the war in Vietnam ― sheltered safely at home,” the “Bumping Mics” star cracked.

As another alternative to virtual talks, Kimmel recently interviewed neighbor Dakota Johnson over the fence. But that has its limitations because the host has only so many neighbors.

Driving to a celebrity’s house for curbside conversation, however, has possibilities. He also tried it in the early stages of lockdown with another comedian, Bill Burr.

Maybe Kimmel’s “Carantine” is worth another look when the show actually returns to the studio.

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