John Oliver Returns From Hiatus With The News Absolutely ‘No One Wants To Hear’

John Oliver returned from hiatus on Sunday for the one topic he admits “no one wants to hear” about, and that’s the pandemic.

But instead of focusing on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” looked ahead to the next big outbreak and where it might start.

“Scientists attempted to warn us about ‘the next pandemic’ long before the current one hit,” he notes. “And we didn’t really listen.”

Oliver said that failure led to today’s dire situation ― yet there’s every indication that it could happen all over again, right down to the failure to prepare for a pandemic in advance.

“Unfortunately, there is every chance that after all this is over, we’ll end up treating the coronavirus like a really bad fart at Thanksgiving,” he observed. “That is, waiting patiently for it to dissipate so we can never speak of it again and collectively pretend that it didn’t just kill grandma.”

Now, he said, there are already warning signs of where the pandemics of the future could begin, including exotic pets, factory farms… and people kissing pigs.

Check out his full segment from HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” below:

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