Jon Stewart Dubs Trump ‘Meth-Head Nixon’

During his press tour to promote new movie “Irresistible,” Jon Stewart has eviscerated the worst legacies of “The Daily Show.” But on Monday, it was the president’s turn.

While appearing on “The View,” the former “Daily Show” host was asked why he believed former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is what the country needs right now.

“I think it’s clear in this election, look, what’s Donald Trump going to run on? His record? That’s not going to happen,” Stewart said.

The comedian explained the upcoming presidential race will be “the single most divisive campaign we’ve ever faced.”

“He’s going to be meth-head Nixon. Like, it’s going to be Southern strategy, all fear-mongering. I mean, you see it right now. He’s basically just sitting in his basement tweeting out fear-based trolling videos,” Stewart said.

Earlier in the interview, Stewart was asked about the president recently tweeting a video showing a supporter saying, “white power.” The comedian explained Trump just didn’t notice it because ”‘white power’ is playing in his head all the time.”

As far as his support for Biden, Stewart talked about how the presidential hopeful has experienced great tragedies in his life, including losing his son Beau Biden to brain cancer, and grief’s ability to humble a person.

“I think we need a leader right now of humility,” Stewart said. “We certainly have the antithesis of that. Right now we have a president who professes that he loves America, but apparently hates about 53% of the people living in it. I think we need a break. This guy’s exhausting. When you talk about the pandemic and all the challenges we face, I think the greatest agent of chaos in this country today is the president, which is bananas.”

In addition to saying Trump is going to act like a “meth-head Nixon,” Stewart recently told “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert another nickname he had for the president.

“He’s not draining the swamp. He is the swamp. He’s Donald Swamp, old Swampy Don,” Stewart said.

See “The View” interview below:

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