Jonathan Moi’s widows strike deal in fight over his estate

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The widows of Jonathan Moi have agreed to include all his children as beneficiaries of his estate.

When they appeared before Justice Aggrey Muchelule on Tuesday, the three widows through their lawyers signed a consent to include all their children as well as another son, Collins Moi, as beneficiaries of the estate.

The widows told Justice Muchelule that they were negotiating with a view to settling the matter, amicably.

The judge encouraged the widows to continue talking and bring every member of the family on board.

Justice Muchelule further tasked the widows to identify Jonathan’s assets and liabilities and file a report in court on December 15, when the case will be heard.

The judge also urged the widows, Sylvia Moi, Beatrice Mbuli and Faith Nyambura, to agree on the issue of administrators of the estate before the next hearing date.


Ms Mbuli said there was no fight amongst them but moving to court was a normal procedure and it was their interest for all the beneficiaries to be considered.

Jonathan’s first wife, Sylvia was granted temporary order to administer the estate but the order was limited to offsetting bills and preserving her husband’s estate until the court makes a final determination on the matter.

When she moved to court, Sylvia stated that her husband was only worth Sh30 million, comprising of a piece of land in Nairobi’s Industrial Area which is valued at Sh15 million, and shares in Tiro Holdings Limited (Sh10 million) and Nakuru Oil Mills (Sh5 million).

The letter of administration was published in the Kenya Gazette on September 13, 2019.

But Ms Nyambura disputed the estate’s worth as presented and accused Sylvia of misappropriating the estate and transferring assets to her name, without her knowledge.

“That the respondents have massively devalued the deceased’s estate and which estate I understand to be massive and running into hundreds of millions of shillings,” he said in a sworn statement.

On her part, Ms Mbuli, who stated that she was married Jonathan in accordance with Akamba customary law on July 17, 1998, said she has no problem working with Sylvia.

Through lawyer John Mburu, Ms Nyambura had said she has school-going children and who needed school fees. Mr Mburu said the she has an accrued balance of Sh631,206, which had seen them kicked out of school.

She wants to be provided with a monthly upkeep of Sh1 million, from the estate, pending the determination of the case.

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