Jubilee, ODM in pre-election coalition deal

The Jubilee National Management Committee has permitted the party secretariat to formally engage with ODM in drawing a pre-election coalition deal.

This development springs from an already existing collaboration between the two parties, secretary-general Raphael Tuju said.

“The two party leaders — President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga — have also cultivated a working relationship for the good of the country in an act of statesmanship that has won praise internationally,” Tuju said.

Tuju said ODM has carried its mandate in both the Senate and the National Assembly and remained a reliable ally to Jubilee in the passage of critical bills important for good governance.

“With this decision, the Jubilee Party will be formally writing to its coalition partner Kanu as required by our coalition agreement to seek their engagement,” Tuju added.

The NMC and parliamentary leadership also authorised Tuju to formally write to Wiper, with whom Jubilee has signed a memorandum on cooperation, about the decision to the party.

The meeting also realised the support Jubilee Party has received from ANC and Ford Kenya on many occasions in Parliament, the secretary-general added.

On August 6, Jubilee and ODM parties formed a technical committee tasked with identifying instruments to ratify a merger between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga-led parties.

The ruling and opposition parties have mulled over a united front in the race for State House next year, which is looking already crowded.

Murathe noted that ODM structures are well-grounded and that Jubilee leadership is working to revamp the party.

“ODM already has structures, very soon Jubilee will hit the ground running with mass member registration and civic education. We are going to have a town hall meetings and structures. We want to enter into a coalition with ODM,” he said.

Murathe said they kicked out rebels of the Tanga tanga wing allied to Deputy President William Ruto.

“Our job was to chase rebels from the party which we concluded, and they have joined United Democratic Alliance (UDA). The next phase is chase them out of Mt Kenya region,” he said.

He said the Handshake between the President and Raila could culminate in the formation of a coalition. “We are part of the Handshake team. Raila is not alone, where you see him you see the president. Prepare for Raila to be the 5th president,” said Murathe.

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