Justin Muturi warns state agencies against intimidation of leaders

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has hit out at government agencies threatening and intimidating leaders with a contrary political stand to the ruling party.

The Speaker claimed that Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials have indicated that they will scrutinise his tax records after he declared his presidential bid.

“We will not be intimidated, I told them am open for scrutiny and I have nothing to fear. You can intimidate some people but not all. Threatening people with opening files and investigations should stop and I will stand with the leaders who are being intimidated for supporting me,” Mr Muturi said.

He speaking after Mt Kenya grassroots leaders endorsed his presidential bid at his Kanyuambora home, Embu County.

Muturi said that efforts to harass, intimidate and alienate his supporters would fail miserably since the voters have powers to choose their leaders.

The meeting was attended by MCAs and Speakers from Meru, Tharaka Nithi and Embu counties.

“It is infringing on the democracy of Kenyans when a section of leaders using government machinery like EACC, ODPP among others intimidate those with a contrary political stand to the ruling party,” Muturi said.

He said Kenyans should be allowed to make their decision at the ballot without being coerced.

Muturi pledged to ensure integrity and order in the country.

The Speaker promised to unveil the political ‘bus’ which he will use in the race to State House.

He said Mt Kenya East will not waver in the agenda to unite Mt Kenya.

“We will not be used as a carpet to facilitate movement of other people without benefits as a region,” Muturi said.

“I JB Mutruri hereby declare my candidature for the position of the President of the Republic of Kenya. I will also declare the party I will be running on, soon, join me on this journey to restore integrity in Kenya,” he said.

Mbeere North MP Muriuki Njagangua noted that the Speaker has been tried and tested through the positions he has held in past where he excelled.

Mr Njagangua observed that Mt Kenya East was looking up to Muturi to lead the region and urged him to popularise his presidential bid across the country.

Leaders from Meru and Tharaka Nithi counties challenged politicians from Embu county to put aside their differences and support the Speaker for the benefit of the region.

Meru Assembly Speaker Joseph Kaberia said that Mt Kenya East should support one of their own.

“Muturi is a man of high integrity, and he has demonstrated it, and this is the time to stand with one of our own,” Mr Kaberia said.

Embu Assembly Speaker Josiah Thiriku faulted leaders who have been intimidating their counterparts because of their political affiliation.

“Those seated in Nairobi and purporting to plan for the 2022 succession politics by sending government agencies to intimidate others can only decide on parastatal heads and heads of other government institutions. You cannot choose the president as the voters will decide on their own. As Mt Kenya East leaders, we have decided that JB Muturi is the man come 2022,” he said.

Other leaders who attended the function were, Njeru Ndwiga (Senator Embu) and Lenny Kivuti the former Embu Senator.

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