Kabi WaJesus returns luxurious car ‘gifted’ to him by wife

Popular Kenyan YouTuber, Kabi WaJesus of the famous WaJesus family has returned his newly acquired Audi A5 car gifted to him by his wife Milly WaJesus on his birthday. Opening up on his decision to return the luxurious car on their YouTube channel, the social media sensation explained that as much as the car was everything he dreamed of, it became hectic navigating the Kenyan roads because it was too low.

“First of all I want to say a big thank you for the overwhelming support you guys showed us when my love surprised me with this German machine over here and you know I’m super grateful but aki please guys don’t come for me, I’m just saying but this is not to refuse the gift.

This is it, I wanted this car because it is low, classy-looking and clean and that’s why my love got it. However, my love wanted a Q5 which is like a million bob more. It’s a bigger car, still an Audi but it’s a million bob more and it’s higher.

“So she went ahead and got it for me but after driving it for like four days I felt it’s low to be honest. It doesn’t feel as easy to drive especially on our road. Where we stay is very interior. Now this is what I’m thinking, I’m thinking we add that million bob and upgrade to a bigger car, the Audi Q5,” he said.

According to Milly WaJesus, her decision to ‘purchase’ the Audi Q5 was because of the roads but since her husband wanted a low car she sacrificed her preference and got him what he wanted. “So my problem has been this for a long time, Kabi wanted a Mercedes-Benz E-Class then we settled on an Audi, but he wanted a car that was low.

I kept telling him it’s not about where we live because we can always move if we wanted to but it’s about the roads we have in our country and It is unfortunate that you can’t peacefully have the car you want to have especially if you move a lot,” said Milly.

“Honestly this is the most comfortable car I have ever driven, even with Mercedes Benz I don’t think I’ve felt this comfortable. This one feels so smooth so luxurious, so sleek… oh my goodness,” added Kabi.

Settling on one

Torn on which car to choose Kabi made his way to his car dealer and asked for a test drive of the Audi Q5 and after having it for a few days he settled on it. “So I posted a poll on Instagram and I asked you guys to help me make my mind up and from these results, I see most of you agree with me that in Kenya you need at least a four by four.

“I have finally decided that I am going for a Q5. In three weeks the car will be here so let’s just wait. For now, I’m going back to my Mazda Axela,” he said giggling

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